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A sound journey with all facets ...

Nice that you have found me.

Listen to the melody of life that resonates within you.“ Siddharta Gautama Buddha

I am Juergen

I am Juergen

singing bowl therapist and teacher


When I fell ill with burnout in 2018, I looked for alternative healing methods in parallel to my therapy. I learned about singing bowl massage during a stay at a clinic. The soothing vibrations that flowed through me during the treatment resonated within me for days. I felt touched and carried by the gentle sounds, something I had never experienced before. At the same time, these experiences were the prelude to a wonderful journey that took me all the way to Nepal.

After my training in Germany, I wanted to learn the Asian form of singing bowl massage in Nepal. I visited the center „The Mokshya, Mind, Body and Beyond“ in Kathmandu. There I learned more about working with chakras and spiritual healing through meditation.

The gold and bronze-colored singing bowls are called „singing bowls“ in English in Nepal. They are often decorated with beautiful spiritual symbols and lettering. They are traditionally made by hand in small workshops. These handmade bowls have a particularly beautiful and pure sound. They are made to sing by striking or evenly rubbing the rim. Their long-lasting sound explains very well why the bowls are called that. But far more important than their sound are the vibrations they produce: If the singing bowls are placed on the body and struck during a „massage“, the vibrations can still be felt even after the sound has faded.

As it is important to me that you have a particularly intense singing bowl experience, I also visited the Cottage Craft factory in Lalitpur during my trip through Nepal. Here I was allowed to visit the production facility and purchased a number of very high-quality singing bowls on site. Among them is a full moon bowl, which was struck during my stay at full moon on 29 September 2023.

Klangschalenmassage Köln
Klangschalenmassage Köln

Klangschalenmassage Köln
Klangschalen Massage-1

Nepal trip Sep - Oct 2023

"My trip to Nepal enriched my life and had a huge impact on my work.”

During my three-week trip through Nepal, I not only got to know a fascinating landscape with the highest mountains in the world on my trekking tour, but also many lovely people. Despite their adverse living conditions, they radiated an inner contentment and were so friendly towards us that I felt a deep sense of gratitude. One of my special experiences was meeting my Nepalese teacher Kalyan, the founder of the center „The Mokshya, Mind, Body and Beyond“. He told me how he managed to heal his father with the help of the Singing Bowls.

„So that you can continue to relax after the treatment, I will come to your home.“

Of course, I don’t know what the singing of the singing bowls, or rather their vibrations, will trigger in you. I can’t promise you anything! But I am sure that you will experience a deep moment of relaxation and peace that takes you far away from the stress of everyday life. 

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