Sound footbath

With a sound footbath, you focus your attention on a very special part of your body.

The feet are comparable to the foundations of a house and are crucial for the statics of the body.

They carry you through life every day. Problems with the feet can often affect the whole body in the form of knee, hip, back and neck problems and even headaches.

Mindfulness, movement and good foot care ensure stability, which gives the body strength and power.

During a sound footbath, the feet are immersed in a well-tempered water bath in the large foot bowl. When this is then played, the vibrations of the sound are transmitted through the water to the feet and legs and, like a foot reflexology massage, provide a holistic sense of well-being, grounding and pleasant tingling relaxation. Pure essential oils can also be added to the water.

Due to its impressive size, you can also stand in the foot bowl if you wish or simply try it out.

Duration incl. pre-and after-treatment talk approx. 45 minutes.

Price: 60 €uro