Singing bowl massage / sound massage

During a singing bowl massage, the fine vibrations flow through your body and make it vibrate gently. The simplicity of the sounds allows you to focus on the essentials, the little, on peace and stillness.

Back pain and headaches, sleep disorders, dizziness and loss of appetite: when we are constantly overworked and overstressed, the body sends out warning signals that we all too often ignore. If the recovery phases are no longer sufficient, even normal everyday stress becomes an unsolvable problem. This often leads to physical and emotional exhaustion.

A singing bowl massage can help you to release tension and blockages on a physical and emotional level and wrap you in a positive feeling of security and lightness.

After a short introductory talk, during which I would like to find out more about you and your needs, I will also explain the process. Then it’s time to get started.

In the meantime, you have made yourself comfortable on my massage table in your feel-good outfit. The table is part of my equipment, as is a set of singing bowls, which I will also bring to your home.

During the massage, bowls of different sizes are placed on the front or back of your body and I make them vibrate by gently tapping and rubbing them. The fine vibrations that are transmitted to your whole body will induce deep relaxation in you. Some clients report that this feeling lingered with them for days.

As an alternative to sound massage, I also offer a sound bath. Here the singing bowls are not placed directly on the body, but in its immediate vicinity, which has a similarly positive effect.

Duration: approx. 70 minutes incl. pre- and post-talk

Price: 90 €uro

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